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Who is Origamisan (Mr. Origami) ?
Everything about origami started very long ago (late 80’s) with a TV show on Saturdays at TRT by Zülal Aytüre. Origami models that learnt at weekend, were teached to other origami lovers at the first day of the week who misses the TV show, that was how Origamisan Academy were being founded.

Origami By the end of the program period began last long silence . During this period, 2 universities taken as elective courses , while students with Japanese ended . Origami again Origamisan intersecting paths , the Origamisan during this period that the name received from colleagues who know his passion for origami . Perhaps Origami Turkey’s first exhibition of Middle East Technical University in the fall of 1999 has opened .

Then several pages of prepared amateurish website, Origamisan.com , I was prepared in Turkish first web page . METU Turkish-Japanese community established by sub-group held together with Origami Origami exhibitions and workshops, for Origamisan of origami as a hobby ordinary signs was one that should be left . Origamisan’s Origami career Hacettepe University in the Department of Pre-School Education , “ Origami to the Development of Preschool Children Multi Effects” has continued with his graduate thesis titled .

From April 2006 the Government of Japan Scholarship winners Origamisan Tokyo University , Interdisciplinary Information Studies doctoral program was accepted in part . Origamisan PhD studies examining the movement of people , especially , are used in the design of humanoid robot movements of your fingers when viewed Origami .

During the courses, a Turk who wonder who Origami in Japan at that time met in London with his wife and Interior Design students have joined with her life . Like himself, origami and other paper -based arts with his wife of Japan’s next , South Korea and Taiwan in the research had the opportunity Origamisan the family , this art country to introduce the needed supplies to our people to provide Origamisan the Academy’s basically throwing Kavici Bilişim LTD. founded .

Japan ‘s largest origami paper products manufacturer Toyo, Origamisan perform imports to Turkey , was very soon going to be in your face with Origamisan Academy .

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