Su Blackwell

We are getting to know paper artists in Origamisan. As we know them ,we get to have a better understanding of paper and each time we see a new work we are amazed by their art. Today’s artist is from UK.

Su Blackwell is also one of those making 3d paper art by cutting it. We guess her difference is she mainly uses old books to make that. Each work of her is telling a different story.

Another thing caught our attention about her is she folded 1000 cranes for missing people. She folded 1000 paper with the missing people’s picture on it. That installation was exhibited at a museum and every visitor who paid £1 was allowed to cut a crane from the line. By doing this, the organization did not only gain some money but also more missing people could be known.

A lot of Blackwell’s work is already sold.

To see more of her work you can visit here.

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