Amazing City of Paper – Castle On the Ocean

An origami artist from Japan, Wataru Itou, has spent four years crafting an incredible model city from paper. The entire piece – which measures 2.4m by 1.8m and is 1m high – has been crafted using only paper, which Wataru stuck together using craft glue, an art knife and hole puncher.

Mr Ito, 25, started building his ‘Castle on the Ocean’ when he became bored during his university entrance exams. After failing the university exams three times he focused on this project, which became so large. As the cityscape became more complicated, Ito had to sleep under his table inside his tiny apartment to give way for his project.
The finished piece is now being displayed for the first time at an exhibition on the artificial island of Umihotaru, near Tokyo. The exhibition is called Umi no Ue no Oshiro (A Castle On the Ocean).
The city’s centrepiece is a castle which is loosely based upon El Temple de la Sagrada Familia (Barcelona, Spain). The central tower is surrounded by a cathedral, school, theme park, factory and airport and comes complete with electrical lights and a moving train.
But incredibly, Wataru, a second year student at Tokyo University of the Arts, plans to set his work on fire when the show is over
The artist says: “I am devoted while I am working on my projects but I quickly lose interest when I complete them. “When the exhibition is over I will burn the castle. I thought I could see it rising up from the ashes if I took a video and played it backwards.”



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