Valentine's Day Ideas 1

Origamisan and I have different thoughts about “Valentine’s Day”. I believe it is not proper for us to celebrate it but he thinks no matter what the history was, it is always nice to have a celebration. Whatsoever it is certainly the fact that Valentine’s Day is a great inspiration to us. Taking the inspiration from Valentine’s Day we designed a card with Origami.

Sparrow video is already on the site. The rest of the design is totally up to you. We used slightly bigger paper than a4 and folded it half then made a frame out of cardboard. Then we used deco masking tape for the frame to give it a little bit more colour and we randomly cut out heart shapes from another masking tape.

With a better paper combination you can have better cards. We would love to see yours!

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# lyn 2009-02-12 10:07

Your birds are beautiful !

# Nihal 2009-02-13 04:14

Thank you. We are happy that you like it.

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