Origami Inspired Jewelery

2009-01-21 07:55 Comments

It seems there is not any field left Origami did not inspire. After fashion, architecture, now jewelery design has also inspired by Origami.

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Su Blackwell

2009-01-20 14:33 Comments

We are getting to know paper artists in Origamisan. As we know them ,we get to have a better understanding of paper and each time we see a new work we are amazed by their art. Today’s artist is from UK.

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2009-01-20 14:30 Yorumlar

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2009-01-20 12:20 Comments

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2009-01-20 11:22 Comments

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Origami airplanes take off from their own tower

2009-01-18 02:49 Comments

Origami is more than just folding a sheet of paper. These pages show how it can make life more fun and inspire dreams worldwide.

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Peter Callesen

2009-01-16 01:05 Comments

We will introduce you another paper artist today. He is an artist using who produced amazing work only by cutting a plane paper; Peter Callesen.

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Jen Stark

2009-01-15 13:58 Comments

The best thing about Origami is all the equipment you need is paper and see what has been done when a blade added to it.

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