Amazing City of Paper – Castle On the Ocean

2011-04-23 03:54 Comments

An origami artist from Japan, Wataru Itou, has spent four years crafting an incredible model city from paper. The entire piece – which measures 2.4m by 1.8m and is 1m high – has been crafted using only paper, which Wataru stuck together using craft glue, an art knife and hole puncher.

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Book Review - Kurashi no Origami Zakka

2009-04-14 02:30 Comments

We have so many ideas about Origamisan. Occasionally, we mention about these and say later, in the future etc. Please do not let this confuse you as we are not ignoring anything and make a note of every idea we come up with or every model that we think will be useful. However we try to present all of these in a particular plan.
Here we go as we mentioned earlier; a book review.

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Classic Mosaic Origami (Origami Tessellations)

2009-03-15 05:52 Comments

We are keeping to introduce you types of Origami. Today we will be taliking about Classic Mosaic Origami. We can also divide Classic Mosaic Origami into two groups; Classic Mosaic Origami and Unit Mosaic Origami. What is different in Classic Mosaic Origami than Unit Mosaic Origami is, it is made with only a piece of paper.

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Nano-origami Used To Build Tiny Electronic Devices

2009-03-02 21:11 Yorumlar

Folding paper into shapes such as a crane or a butterfly is challenging enough for most people. Now imagine trying to fold something that’s about a hundred times thinner than a human hair and then putting it to use as an electronic device.

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Modular Origami

2009-02-22 09:11 Comments

Modular Origami (Unit Origami) is a kind of new Origami technique which is made by using more than a piece of paper to built bigger models. Usually each piece have a pocket or pockets, a flip or flips and the models are built by joining the flips to the pockets.

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2009-02-06 23:21 Comments

From now on ; in our “Articles” section we will introduce Origami Masters and in the future we will illustrate design of those masters. Our first master is Akira Yoshizawa who is the most famous.

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Origami: Art for Everyone

2008-11-11 18:11 Comments

Making one fold after another and watching the paper become a three-dimensional form is more than just a pastime—it is a way to get in touch with elements of Japan’s culture and sense of beauty, passed down from one generation to the next. Origami, so easy to learn, is a world full of surprises.

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What is Origami?

2007-01-15 22:57

Origami is a Japanese word which is made of combination of “折り-ori” and “ 紙-kami”. It means folded paper. Origami can be defined as the art of paper folding to make several figures without stick and scissors.

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