Gift Box

2009-05-17 08:35 Comments

We are making a nice box with Unit Origami technique. This box is formed of 9 pieces and it is very easy to make the pieces. Please be aware that you fold the pieces carefully otherwise you will have diffuculties as you are joining the pieces.

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Origami Rose

2009-05-08 09:09 Comments

Rose tutorial has been the most demanded model since Origamisan was set up. Here comes the big day and we are publishing the rose video by making the Mother’s Day reason for it. If you would like to give something different to your mother this year , let’s fold together. Here are the instructions.

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More Ideas on Cup

2009-03-29 01:08 Comments

After publishing the cup video, we were going to be writing about a design which we saw earlier on the internet and thought it was inspired by that cup.

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Origamic Architecture

2009-03-08 20:33 Comments

We will be introducing you one of the modern Origami type’s, Origamic Architecture. Origamic Architecture is a technique which Origami and Krigami (paper cutting art) are combined to make a 3d shape. As it is usually inspired by architecture, it is named like that. As an example to Origamic Architecture we made a card using Taj Mahal template.

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Canon Creative Park

2009-02-19 06:12 Comments

We are keeping to introduce you the web sites that you may like. Today we will introduce you a site that it is not justa about Origami but it includes many other paper art projects.

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Valentine's Day Ideas #2

2009-02-12 05:56 Comments [2]

We are keeping giving ideas on Valentine’s Day with the same Origami model. This time we used an empty chocolate box which we already had in hand.

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Valentine's Day Ideas 1

2009-02-11 00:05 Comments [2]

Origamisan and I have different thoughts about “Valentine’s Day”. I believe it is not proper for us to celebrate it but he thinks no matter what the history was, it is always nice to have a celebration. Whatsoever it is certainly the fact that Valentine’s Day is a great inspiration to us. Taking the inspiration from Valentine’s Day we designed a card with Origami.

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Baby-gami, Swaddling Art

2009-02-08 21:51 Comments
As the debates on the swaddling of babies have been going on wheather it is good or bad, Andrea Cornell Sarvady ve Fern Drillings have already brought another way of it with their book; Baby-gami (Swaddling a Baby). The book’s name is inspired by Origami since in the book they are benefitted from the main Origami folding techniques. read more..

1$ iPhone Origami Application

2009-02-07 21:35 Comments

Have you ever thought what could be done with 1$ ? Well ,obviously Apple has for iPhone users. They probably thought an iPhone user could only make Origami with such little money and they made this application.

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Origami Basket for Valentine Roses

2009-01-31 03:16 Yorumlar

Today’s Origamisan’s video section we will make a basket which is although being very useful and chic , not very difficult. After giving it a few tries we are sure you will have very beautiful baskets. Do not forget better paper will help you to make better models. Come on, we are going!

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