A Reminder for the Origami Challange and an Announcement

2009-07-15 10:02 Comments

As a little time left for the Origami Challange deadline, we wanted to remind our readers that we extended the deadline because of private reasons as well as the low contribution to the competition. So the new deadline is 10th Agust.
We are sorry for our long breaks however we hope we will have some nice news when we are back.

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Mini Album

2009-07-08 04:36 Comments [1]

Because of the busy life, we sometimes have long breaks between posts. We hope today’s model will help you to forgive us.
The type and size of the paper, as well as the number of pages you need is optional. Today we will be showing point to point joining but later on we will also show how to join them like a book and making a cube.

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MT Masking Tapes

2009-07-01 03:28 Comments

We are not sure where to begin as there is too much to tell. Well, we’ll try. Here it begins. Here in Origamisan we make Origami tutorials and actaully we make so much more Origami than it shows here. Though, we make so many other crafts too. That sould be why, we often think if we should include or not other kind of crafts here. Then we decided to include them too as we will always keep making Origami tutorials and why not make some other craft tutorials too. For that matter, we are introducing you these lovely masking tapes.

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Origami Challange Update

2009-06-25 17:56 Comments

Dear Origami Lovers,
This is to tell you that we have added another prize to those we have mentioned before. The paper you see above is also will ve given. If you would like to know more about the paper you can check it here although it is in Turkish, you may want to see more photographs of it.

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Origami Friends - Fatih Cemal Ülgen from Turkey

2009-06-23 03:47 Comments

We are keeping to know Origami friends. Today we are introducing you Fatih Cemal Ülgen from Istanbul. We met him through his email to us regarding an Origami exhibition. As we asked for some photos he said he was happy to do so. We enjoyed his photos so much and especially love the idea of using written checked paper to fold. We believe it will not only be smart but also be very useful for those who can not find Origami paper. His photos are full of with inspiration. We hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we did.

Thank you Mr. Fatih Cemal Ülgen!

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Origami Bussiness Card Holder

2009-06-19 11:35 Comments

It has been a while we did not add any new models but Origamisan was always on our mind. It would be very unfair if we did not make a model for Fathers Day after making it for Valentines’ and Mothers Day. We believe this card holder will make nice “diy” gift for Fathers Day if not you can use it for your own. You may also want to join our Origami Contest going on with this model. We used washi to make it stronger and smarter, you may use some other paper.

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Origami Challange

2009-06-18 14:21 Comments

Announcement for Origami Lovers

We would like to liven up our Facebook Page which has been very silent recently so we dediced to organize a contest who is open for applicants from every age.

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Origami Friends - Mahmut Şenol from Turkey

2009-06-07 12:07 Comments

One of the reasons that Origamisan was established is to bring together Origami lovers. That is why we will be presenting your own Origami photos in our gallery.

Our first guest is Mahmut Şenol who is a teacher using Origami as an educational tool. We are thankful him for this and expecting all other Origami lovers work.

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